A Guide to Christmas Trees

It’s almost time! Are you ready to choose your Christmas tree? It can be overwhelming with so many beautiful options to choose from, so let us help! Here is our guide to Christmas trees.
We think firs make the best Christmas trees because they have great needle retention, they smell divine and they are soft to touch (spruces can be a bit prickley).
Wildwood carries 5 different varieties of firs from a Mission, British Columbia family grower. But with so many options how do you choose between a Nordman, Noble, Douglas, Grand, or Fraser fir tree for your home this holiday season? Here are some of the features that makes each of these trees unique –

Nordman Fir

 Nordman Fir – Considered the most ‘handsome’ with slately and elegant almost black-green needles. Nordman have great needle retention and strong branches for large ornaments

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir – The all-time favourite with a strong citronella fragrance. Douglas are densely set, soft to the touch and native to the Pacific Northwest

Grand Fir

Grand Fir – Known for their strong fragrance, Grands are full, bushy and hold up well over the holiday season.

Fraser Fir

 Fraser Fir – Also labeled the ‘Cadillac of Christmas trees’, these firs have a narrow frame, excellent needle retention, strong branches with silvery needles.

Noble Fir

 Noble Fir – Their name accurately represents these reputable firs! Nobles have very uniformly spaced, strong, symmetrical branches and excellent needle retention.

Natural or Cultured? There’s something to be said about a ‘Charlie Brown’ tree with a classic look for your holiday celebrations. We carry these natural Douglas Fir beauties as well!
Still looking for something a little different? Something that will last beyond the holidays? Then maybe a potted tree is the right choice for you! Firs are great trees to grow in our climate, so you will have good success if you choose to plant your tree outside! For potted varieties we have Fraser fir, Nordman fir, Douglas fir, as well as Rocky Mountain fir, Balsam fir, and Dwarf Alberta Spruce. You’re already familiar with most of these, but now we’ve introduced a few new trees!
Rocky Mountain Fir – A compact medium-sized evergreen conifer with distinctly blue foliage. A great choice if you’re looking for something highly ornamental.
Balsam Fir – A small to medium sized fir with rich green needles and a natural conical shape.
Dwarf Alberta Spruce – Also known as the dwarf white spruce. A cone-shaped dwarf conifer with dense vibrant green needles. Makes a great mini Christmas tree!
For those of you who are looking for desk-top trees or smaller options, we also carry tabletop trees like the Lemon Cypress and other mini conifers.
Now you’ve chosen your dream tree, how can you make it last? We recommend:
• Start with a fresh cut on the trunk. Make sure to get the tree home and into water within the hour so the tree doesn’t seal up again.
• Keep the water reservoir in your tree stand full. The first 24 hours after the fresh cut are very important because the tree will suck up a lot of water. It is very important to not let it dry out.
• Use a preservative like Keep It Green. It will make a big difference in a tree staying green and retaining needles.
• A tree bag is placed under the tree and it catches needles. When it comes time to remove the tree, it bags it up and makes moving it through a home and outside relatively neat and tidy.
• Keep the tree away from radiators or any other heat sources. They will dry out a tree and cause a serious fire hazard.
• Do not use candles or anything with real flame on or near a Christmas tree.
There really is a tree for everyone out there! Visit us in store to select yours today.