A Guide To Indoor Forcing Bulbs

Would you believe us if we told you that you could enjoy beautiful spring blooms right in the middle of winter? It’s true! you can with indoor forcing bulbs!

Indoor Forcing is when you trick the bulb to bloom out of season indoors by providing them with spring-like conditions for growing. The easiest bulbs the force are amaryllis, crocus, hyacinths, muscari, and mini-daffodils. You can also force tulips and full sized daffodil, but it’s a little trickier. The best part about forcing bulbs is they make an amazing Christmas gift! In the dead of winter you can give someone the experience of growing a little bit of colour indoors. Plus, we have gift sets like the Paperwhite Ceramic Bowl kit or the Natures Blooms Amaryllis kit already packaged up and ready to go! No wrapping required.

You can force bulbs in either soil or water. Most of the kits we supply include either a coco coir disk for planting, or a special forcing vase. Forcing vases like the ones in our Hyacinth glass vase kit have short, narrow necks and wide mouths to allow the bulb to sit with only its roots in the water. This keeps to bulb from getting wet and rotting. Hyacinth bulbs are best for forcing in water. Coco coir is chosen for the majority of our bulb kits because it is compact and cleaner than packaging dirt, all you do is add water and the disk expands! Forcing bulbs in dirt is also quite simple. Plant the bulb half to three-quarters deep into the pot. The pointy top of the bulbs should not be covered in soil. Water the bulbs and keep the soil moist.

Forcing bulbs like to be kept in a cool location until leaves start forming. Once leaves start to appear, you can move your forcing bulbs to a warmer location with bright, but indirect, light. Forced bulbs need lots of moisture, so don’t forget to water! Once your forced bulbs have finished blooming, you can  plant them outside, with the exception of amaryllis bulbs, which cannot survive outdoors year round but will rebloom as forcing bulbs next year if stored correctly. Our Amaryllis gift kits have everything you need to get started! Or you can select bulbs and plant within your own containers.