A Guide To Hardy Fuchsias

Looking for something spectacular to add some summer colour?
Hardy Fuchsias would be the perfect fit! These gorgeous plants flower all summer long, beginning in June and going until frost, and are extremely easy care for once established. Provide fertile, moist soil with good drainage and your fuchsias will thrive. A little known fact is most hardy fuchsias can tolerate full sun with some extra water. We love hardy fuchsias, and so do all of our favourite pollinators. Hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies will happily flock to your fuchsias. Hardy fuchsias are extremely versatile and make great container plants for those smaller spaces.There are over 2,000 cultivars to choose from! We currently have over 20 in stock.
A few of the cultivars in stock are:

Santa Claus – Hardy fuchsia with red and white flowers. Bushy habit.

Boliviana – Large, soft grey-green foliage and long scarlet tubular flowers, followed by black fruits.

Boliviana Alba – Large, soft grey-green foliage and long white tubular flowers with scarlet inside, followed by black fruits.

Nici’s Findling – Single upright hardy fuchsia with light rose pink sepals and orange-red corollas. Nice, colourful and bushy.

Magellanica ‘Variegata’ – Striking green & white foliage with pendant red flowers.

Green Leafed Gold Gate – Single flowers with cerise pink sepals and soft lavender blue corollas.

Pats Dream – Cherry red petals with lilac purple corolla.

Magellanica ‘Doris Page’ – Small flowers with a purple centre and hotpink/red outer petals.

Jollie Nantes – Small with red sepals and corolla, and purple petals with showy red.

Little Giant – Hardy, upright fuchsia with purple corolla and red sepals.

Genii – Cerise red sepals and tubes with reddish purple petals.

Mrs. Popple – Crimson outer with violet-blue inner petals, and a crimson stamen.

Checkerboard – Red centered with white outer petals.

Trailing Tom West – Magenta with a bright purple corolla.

Hawkshead – Small white pendant flowers set on green leaves. Prefers light shade.

Kathy Kelly – Salmon pink tubes, salmon pinkish white sepals, and orange twirled salmon pink corollas.

Snowcap – Bright red sepals & pure white corollas set on oval, dark green foliage.

Sharpitor Aurea – Attractive small light pink flowers with green and gold variegated foliage.