Blue Star Fern ‘Phlebodium Aureum’

This week’s Wild Pick is the ever so lovely Blue Star Fern.

The Blue Star fern is naturally an epiphytic fern, meaning they typically like to grow on the surface of something, like a tree, rather than in the ground. Its native environment is in tropical rain forests located in the Caribbean, North America, and South America. It collects its nutrients and moisture from water, rain, air, and any debris around it. Blue Star ferns have an amazing grey greenish-blue colour and unique fronds, which look great planted in a container or mounted much like a Staghorn fern. Like most ferns, Blue Star does best with consistently moist soil. Keep the humidity high by misting and the soil lightly moist, but never soggy. This fern can be a little temperamental and prefers for you to water around the edges of the plant, avoiding is rhizome. This fern prefers bright lighting. Be careful not to let your fern get too much light though, and only some direct sun.