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Witch Hazel ‘Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena”

This weeks Wild Pick is the gorgeous Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena, or more commonly know as Witch Hazel. The rich coppery-orange blooms of Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’ warm up the January landscape like a ray of unexpected sunshine, making it a welcome sight in the nursery this week. And we are not the only ones who appreciate […]

Blue Star Fern ‘Phlebodium Aureum’

This week’s Wild Pick is the ever so lovely Blue Star Fern. The Blue Star fern is naturally an epiphytic fern, meaning they typically like to grow on the surface of something, like a tree, rather than in the ground. Its native environment is in tropical rain forests located in the Caribbean, North America, and […]

A Guide to Christmas Trees

It’s almost time! Are you ready to choose your Christmas tree? It can be overwhelming with so many beautiful options to choose from, so let us help! Here is our guide to Christmas trees. We think firs make the best Christmas trees because they have great needle retention, they smell divine and they are soft […]

How To Make a Terrarium In 5 Steps

Succulents are drought tolerant plants, needing little water to thrive. This is what makes them so great for beginners! These plants are truly for forgetful people. Ignore it, and it will likely thrive. They love bright light and will need very little from you. With so many assorted colours, shapes, and sizes, its impossible to pick just one. Creating […]

A Guide To Hardy Fuchsias

Looking for something spectacular to add some summer colour? Hardy Fuchsias would be the perfect fit! These gorgeous plants flower all summer long, beginning in June and going until frost, and are extremely easy care for once established. Provide fertile, moist soil with good drainage and your fuchsias will thrive. A little known fact is most […]

Fathers Day Grilling Gift Guide

With Father’s Day approaching fast, we thought we would ask our staff for some of their favourite grill accessories. The Fathers Day Grilling Gift Guide is a great cheat sheet to ensure you spoil Dad this Sunday! 1. GrillGrates An engineered cooking system that sits atop any existing grill surface OR can be used as […]

20% Off EVERYTHING in Store!

Have you heard? This month we’ve discounted EVERYTHING in store. Throughout the month of June you will receive 20% off everything in store. This is the craziest sale of the year and you will only find deals like these for a limited time. To make the most of our June inventory reduction sale we recommend […]

How to choose the right BBQ for you

Backyard barbecuing is a classic summer tradition. When the sun finally begins to make an appearance after a dreary winter, we start dreaming about all the things we could be cooking this summer. Whether its a mouth-watering teriyaki beef roast, a zesty grilled chicken, or honey-cured smoked salmon, one thing is for sure. You need […]

Growing Blueberries – A Cheat Sheet

Blueberries are both nutritious and delicious, but with so many varieties it can be hard to choose which will be the right one for you. Here’s a cheat sheet to choosing and growing blueberries. When choosing blueberry plants for your garden, we recommend picking multiple varieties. This will encourage cross-pollination between plants. Blueberry plants produce […]

2019 Spring Bulb Flyer

It’s planting season! The 2019 Spring Bulb Flyer went into circulation this week. Flyer prices in effect until April 5, 2019. Get ready to welcome these summer beauties by planting now. Bulbs take very little maintenance and can be tucked right into existing garden beds. Planting spring bulbs means a lush garden, filled with fragrance […]