Growing Blueberries – A Cheat Sheet

Blueberries are both nutritious and delicious, but with so many varieties it can be hard to choose which will be the right one for you. Here’s a cheat sheet to choosing and growing blueberries.

When choosing blueberry plants for your garden, we recommend picking multiple varieties. This will encourage cross-pollination between plants. Blueberry plants produce higher-quality berries and larger harvests when cross-pollinated. For successful cross-pollination, select multiple different varieties and plant them near each other in your garden.

Blueberries come in early, mid, and late season bearing types. By choosing varieties that overlap, you can extend your berry season. Blueberries will  thrive in full sun and require well drained, moist soil with an acidic pH. We recommend using Nurseryland Fruit & Berry Fertilizer and planting with Peat Moss.

Now its time to choose some blueberry plants! Here’s a few of our best-selling and favourite varieties;

Elliot Blueberry – Stark Bros

Elliot – Big and flavourful. This late-season variety will give you ½” berries that are firm, easy to pick, and perfect for fresh eating or cooking. Elliot produces lovely pink-tinged flowers each spring and provides seasonal interest with its attractive, bright burgundy stems. Blooms late to avoid late spring frosts. Cold Hardy. Ripens in August. Self-pollinating.

Nocturne Blueberry – Jackson and Perkins



Nocturne – With upright highbrush plants that grow up to 5-6 ft, this variety makes a striking impression. Its fruit begins as a vivid orange that transitions to a luscious, dusky black. Nocturne is vigorous, adaptive, and cold-hardy. Its glossy green foliage produces berries late-mid to late season.

Chandler Blueberry – Pomona Fruits


Chandler – The biggest blueberry you’ve ever seen! This attractive plant produces LARGE, sweet, and juicy berries that are delicious and fresh. Perfect for breakfast and baking! Mid to late season bearing, cold-hardy, and self pollinating. Ripens in July.

Duke Blueberry –



Duke – Productive and decorative! Duke is a handsome bush with three seasons of interest. In spring, duke produces adorable white and pink tinged flowers, which then turns to light blue summer fruit, until fall when its foliage becomes a lovely yellow and orange. Large berries, often the size of quarters, are produced in an abundance and have a delicious tangy/sweet flavour. Blooms late to avoid spring frosts, cold-hardy, and makes a very attractive decorative hedge!

Blue Crop Blueberry –


Blue Crop – A highbush blueberry that is considered the best all around variety for adaptability, long production period, high yield, and disease resistance. Bluecrop is the most widely planted variety, likely because its great for eating fresh, preserving, baking, and freezing! Mid Season.