Our Green Thumb Gift List!

3- piece set of small hand tools

3- piece set of small hand tools

Do you have a gardening enthusiast in your life?  Looking for a perfect gift to let them know how special they are?  Look no further because we’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of our favourite green thumb gift ideas that are sure to go over well with your loved ones.

  • We know all a houseplant fanatic, with their homes looking more like a tropical jungle than anything else. Houseplants are so popular these days and all generations are enjoying growing

    and collecting tropical plants.  This fantastic 3- piece set of small hand tools is ideal for houseplant care! The superior wood handles with stainless steel blades are perfect for getting into small nooks and crannies. Available in store.


4-tier extra wide greenhouse

4-tier extra wide greenhouse

  • Wanting to grow your own but need more space?  Try this 4-tier extra wide greenhouse that only takes minutes to assemble and no tools are required!  This big capacity greenhouse with its heavy duty reinforced cover is ideal for giving seeds, seedlings and young plants an early start.  It stands 5’3” High, 3’11” Long and 1’7” Wide. Available in store.


  • Let there be light!  This Aquascape Garden and Pond LED Spotlight Kit includes everything needed to light a fountain, small pond, or traditional landscape, eliminating the guesswork of selecting lighting components individually. They are extremely energy efficient, minimizing energy costs and providing 90% savings over comparable halogen lighting. Each fixture can be fully submersed in water or set in traditional landscape settings. Available in store and online.


  • Quarantining indoors but still want to enjoy the birds?  Try this Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder.  Watch hummingbirds up close with this easy to install, easy to clean, window mounting hummingbird feeder. Invite the local birds in for a tasty treat. Available in store and online.


  • Want a healthy gift idea? or just a fantastic introduction to sprouting at home? This kit contains a wide mouth mason jar, plastic sprouting screen, along with an instruction brochure and the
    The Sprouting Jar with Plastic Lid and Seed

    Sprouting Jar with Plastic Lid and Seed

    Fantastic Four Seed Collection. Bring a friend into the sprouting family with the gift of tasty, fresh, easy to grow sprouts. The Sprouting Jar with Plastic Lid and Seed is basically a wide mouth mason jar with a screw-on (non-BPA) plastic sprouting screen lid, and a selection of the best sprouting seeds for beginners. Instructions are included on how to produce fresh, nutritious sprouts from seed to harvest in only four days. Customize your gift by adding extra sprouting seeds! Available in store and online.


  • Have you ever thought of making your very own terrarium? Start by choosing a clear container, the perfect plants, a little potting mix, a small bit of moss and any decorative piece you may
    4-piece terrarium tools set

    4-piece terrarium tools set

    like to add.  Once you’ve collected all your materials it is time to assemble and this brilliant set of terrarium tools is just what you need!  This 4-piece set includes a brush, rake, shovel and tongs all on long handles for easy use. Available in store and online.



  • Looking for the perfect pot to container garden like a pro?  We suggest Smart Pots.  This fabric planter is for faster producing and healthier plants!  It provides aeration, enhancing root structure, resulting in a vigorous plant with more flowers and fruits and increased insect and disease resistance. Better for your plants than a plastic container! Pack includes 3 pot sizes, 5, 10 & 15 gallon.  Anything else is just a pot! Available in store and online.


  • Who said gardening had to be a dirty job? Stay clean and organized with Garden Apron or a Garden Tool Belt!  The tool belt is great for keeping all your gardening essentials close at hand. It features wide pockets, spacious compartments and an adjustable strap.  The canvas apron is perfect for use in the garden, there are large pockets to carry your essentials with you. Available in store.


  • Love watching the hummingbirds?  Try this very Canadian Glass Maple Leaf Hummingbird Feeder.  It is brightly coloured to attract hummingbirds. Base comes apart for easy cleaning.
    Glass Maple Leaf Hummingbird Feeder

    Glass Maple Leaf Hummingbird Feeder

    Metal cable hanger. Clean feeder regularly with a hot water and vinegar mixture. Rinse and air dry. Hang a bright red ribbon or bow on your feeder to increase hummingbird activity. Available in store and online.


  • Is someone looking for a natural advantage in the garden?  Try using Root Rescue!  This product contains 18 special of Mycorrhizal fungi which form a life-long symbiosis with the roots of trees shrubs, evergreens and perennials.  Reduces transplant shock and plant loss, helps plants establish new roots, permanently improves nutrient and water uptake along with improving disease resistance.  Easy to use! Just mix with water. Available in store and online.


We hope this list inspired you to find the perfect gift for the garden lover in your life! From all of us at Wildwood we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.