Our Top 8 Father’s Day Finds

Picking the right Father’s Day gift doesn’t need to be hard! You might gravitate toward getting him yet another tie, book or pair of socks, but why not get a little more creative this year. We asked our staff at Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre for their top 8 finds just in time to celebrate your dad, your partner, or an in-law!

Summer Shandy – Hop Vine
Does dad enjoy gardening? Brewing his own beer? Why not get him started on growing his own hops! Summer Shandy was bred for its bright golden-yellow foliage on a vine; colorful all season, and has a refined habit and less aggressive growth than other varieties, making it well suited for home gardens. Priced at $49.99.








Big Green Egg Smoking Chips

You don’t need to be an EGGhead to use this secret weapon to grilling. Wood smoking chips add a variety of delicious flavours to foods while cooking over the coals. Each type of wood imparts a different flavour on your food adding an endless variety of new combinations for your meat and other grilled delights.










The Island Grillstone
A versatile favourite for the pitmasters of the world…Grill Stones!  Made of naturally porous volcanic rock cut to fit most barbecues. It’s unique properties hold the natural flavour, moisture and nutrients in the food, while preventing charring. Prices start at $39.99, available on our online store!


Grill Grate
Another gift for the grillin’ dad are these unique BBQ grates. A new product to Wildwood this year, Grill Grates are designed to sit upon any sized grill or completely replace an existing one. They evenly sear and sizzle foods better than traditional grills and virtually eliminate flare-ups. Prices start at $34.99, available on our online store!








Hammock in a Bag

For that adventurous ‘on the go’ father, check out the Hammock in a Bag! This versatile, full sized Brazilian hammock is made from a blend of recycled polyester and cotton fabrics with reinforced steel loops for durability that dad (and the whole family!) needs to last through the seasons ahead. Priced at $69.99, available on our online store!


Deluxe Bat House
Not quite the ‘Bat Cave’, but close! Bats are fantastic pollinators, but also provide other benefits for your backyard. They snack on the bugs responsible for wreaking havoc on your garden (including pesky mosquitoes!) and their guano (bat poop) is a fertilizer rich in nutrients. This deluxe model is available at our garden centre for $69.99.








C.R. Plastic Products – Pub Table
Bring the party outside with outdoor furniture by C.R. Plastic Products. Known for their eco-friendly approach to designing durable 100% recycled plastic furniture, these creations are a stylish, and comfortable addition to any outdoor living space. Our Father’s Day pick was the pub table for obvious reasons – fully customize the colour, base height, style and top! Prices starting at $429.99, available on our online store.








Multi-Grafted Apple Tree
Why have multiple trees when you can grow 4 varieties of fruit on one?! Red Gravenstein, Spartan, Royal Gala and Jonagold apples to be exact. These fascinating trees are a unique addition to any yard. Priced at $79.99.








Wildwood Gift Card
Still unsure on what to get dad? If he loves spending time in his backyard, consider a gift card! He will appreciate being able to pick his out a BBQ accessory or put it towards that hot tub or Big Green Egg he’s been waiting for. You can purchase Gift Cards for our store by clicking HERE.