Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Pond During Rainy Weather

Let’s face it. Prolonged rain showers are a predictable part of living in Victoria. Though it can provide a healthy soft water supply for your garden, if you have a pond, it may pose some problems.
Here are 3 ways to protect your pond’s health after a rain storm:

1) Runoffs – Have you put any fertilizers or pesticides on your garden lately? Be aware that rainfall can cause them to runoff into your pond, causing algae blooms or harming your fish. Remember when it comes to pond placement; avoid the lowest point of your property or refrain from using chemical fertilizers.

2) Maintenance check – Routinely ensure filters are running and the waterfall is active. Aeration after a heavy rain fall is important to maintain the oxygen levels in your pond.

3) Nutrient balance – Ponds are like their own ecosystem. An increase in rain can flush large amounts of nutrients in your pond which will then feed algae problems in the spring. Add an extra dose of beneficial bacteria after the storm passes. This will help the nutrients break down and restore stability. We recommend Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria during this time of year, or their Standard Beneficial Bacteria during temperatures of 10 degrees or higher.
Both products are available in-store at 4660 Elk Lake Drive, or give us a call at 250-658-5415 for more information.