Its that exciting time of year again! The sun is shining, the temperature is warming, the bees are buzzing and its time to come a visit use to see all the exciting things for your garden, containers or hanging basket!

Our annual greenhouse is still full of bedding plants and vegetable starts! The vast majority of our plants are all island grown! Every year the selection and availability of organic products increases which is very thrilling.  Local and organic are things that are always very important to us and our customers so we continue to keep it as local as possible and organic when it can be.

This time of year it is important to remember to keep your annuals well watered. Do your watering in the early morning and the evenings for maximizing your water.

Deadheading is also important this time of year to encourage flowering.

We have lots of colour still in, including beautiful hanging baskets! Big begonia hanging baskets flower the whole season and are great for shade. We also have lots more for sun & shade mix to give your space that great pop of colour!

There is huge collection of 6- pack organic vegetable starts and a large collection of Metchosin Farms organic starts as well.

The shelves are full with 2.5″ basket stuffers.  We’ve got Argyranthemum to verbena…..and everything in between.

We have the entire line of organic veggies from Tried and True.

We have a great selection of locally grown organic Metchosin Farm vegetables including heirloom and heritage tomatoes! You can find out more here:

Annuals that deer don’t like as much as others:
Ageratum,Argyranthemum,Bacopa,Begonia,Calendula,Cleome,Cosmos,Dahlia,Dianthus,Diascia,Dusty Miller ,Euphorbia,Euryops,Gazania,Lantana,Nicotiana,Salvia ,Tagetes,Tibouchina

Most garden herbs (with the exception of basil, parsley and sometimes chives) are deer-resistant due to their aromatic foliage with high oil content including: thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, mint, marjoram, verbena, chives (not reliably) and lavender.

Annuals for the shade:
fuschias,tuberous begonias, fiberous begonias, dragon wing begonias coleus, trailing lobelia, upright lobelia, torenia, new guinea impatiens, oxalis,perilla, browellia, sweet potato vine and the polka dot plant.