Delta Heat

Delta Heat BBQ’s are engineered, designed and manufactured by the industry leading premium grill and outdoor kitchen equipment experts – Twin Eagles, Inc.

Made in the U.S.A, Delta Heat provides creative design, innovative engineering, precision manufacturing, and impeccable quality control – all under one roof!

Delta Heat develops, from design prototyping to testing to final production, gas grills and outdoor kitchen accessories at their state-of-the-art company owned facility in Cerritos, California. The Delta Heat family consists of passionate, highly trained designers, engineers and skilled craftsmen bringing you exquisite products.

Whether you’re looking for a freestanding gas grill, or to build and entire outdoor kitchen, Delta Heat is a trusted brand that is guaranteed to bring you quality barbecue products for years to come. Delta Heat grills come in a variety of sizes and have multiple additional features. Great for the BBQ enthusiast, you can customize your ideal grill with Delta Heat products. The Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre is your one stop shop for all your outdoor living needs. Come on down to our showroom at 4660 Elk Lake Drive in Victoria BC to shop Delta Heat products.




Freestanding Premier Grills

Built-in Grills and Accessories

Built-in Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Why choose a Delta Heat? Because of these great, well built details!